Amy Guerrero

Regulate with Amy

Founder and Coach


I spent two years stumbling around in the dark trying to find my path to freedom.

All I wanted was to fully accept myself; to feel whole and happy living sober. But I was stuck. I was pretending to be happy, thinking, the next meeting, the next therapy session – that’s when I’m going to be 'fixed,' finally confident and comfortable in my own skin.


It wasn't happening


When I reflect on this journey…


What kept me going? I was driven by a vision of success – that building this for myself meant I could then share it with others.

When I stopped using drugs and alcohol I turned my healing into my  work and started sharing years of education and teaching to coach people to live life with freedom, fun, and clarity in all areas of their life in recovery. 

​​​​​​​Thrive in Recovery will help you discover your purpose to create the life you desire ​​​​​​​to go beyond surviving to thriving in all areas of life.


Why am I so passionate about this work?


My passion comes from knowing what we do together is different than anything I found during my own recovery.

What does that mean? It means I tried everything. I tortured myself, studying all the books, workbooks and resources of 12-steps, Celebrate Recovery, Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Life Ring (to name a few). My approach blends the best of those and other recovery paths to create a tailor-made journey exactly for you and your specific needs, desires, and goals.

I know one-on-one healing and thriving creates a ripple effect, breaking unhealthy patterns in your relationships forever. I know it can start with you right now.


Take the first step today.​

Discover how Regulate with Amy can help. Applying takes minutes. Action improves years.

Julia C. coaching testimonial

Julia C.

Amy is an absolute Godsend. She is extremely informed when it comes to working with and healing trauma. She was able to point out patterns that were hurting me that I didn't realize were a cause of my trauma. She gave me the tools and support to work through those things and get to a place that I could only dream of before.

Michael R.

Amy has done it! Her ideals and methodology are: straight forward (she speaks plainly and honestly), simply (not easy by any means), organized (structured and tooled for the disorganized mind), informed (she cares because she’s been through it). She is passionate, and passion is infectious. You want to hear what she knows, what she thinks and how she feels. Bonus, Amy is very fun and funny. It's easy to feel safe with her.

Melissa S. coaching testimonial

Melissa S.

The biggest thing I've gotten out of my work with Amy and Thrive in Recovery was to learn to trust myself and be exactly who I am consistently! Being able to be comfortable in my own skin. It is consistent, aware, respectful to myself, prioritizing myself and self-care. Being a consistent human in all things. If you are considering working with Amy and Thrive in Recovery… do it! Even if you can only go for a few months, do it! It is worth it and then some!