The Foundations to Rich & REGULATED

The signature course in nervous system regulation


This is your invitation to: 

✨ Learn to deeply trust ALL the parts of you—even the messy stuff

✨ Forever change your story about worthiness, deservingness, & enoughness

✨ Create safe, fun relationships based on trust

✨ Relax into life and let IT support YOU

And find the FREEDOM to make your big ideas real!

Is this you?

✔ Pretending you have it all together, but internally criticizing yourself or comparing your success with everyone around you

✔ Feeling like you don’t belong—even if you’re an expert at fitting in

✔  Controlling your emotions to make sure no one knows how you really feel because you think no one can handle you

✔  Hiding your desires to protect yourself from rejection or failing 

✔  Looking for evidence to PROVE you are ‘unworthy’ of success, love, or money

✔  Creating boundaries, but ultimately feel so empty, guilty, and shameful that you can’t uphold them or say ‘no’ 

✔  Blaming friends, partners, and family for not meeting your needs—or expecting others to change themselves to meet your needs 

✔  Avoiding deep connection in your relationships by serving or trying to fix your friends and lovers instead of enjoying them

✔  Feeling unable to trust anyone, so much so that you can’t even allow others to support you in fear that you will be judged

✔  Attempting to ‘think’ your way out of emotions and to diagnose your behaviors

✔  Trying to prove your value with your productivity and resume (but still never feeling like you’re enough!) 

✔  Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and burnt out at work, and even with small tasks that will help you move your life forward

 👆🏼THESE are all signs that your nervous system needs your attention!👆🏼


How do I have you all figured out?


This was ME.  

I was strong, resilient, and productive for most of my life. A highly successful entrepreneur who’s mantra was ‘I GOT THIS.’ (I wore ALL the masks!) My drive to over-deliver, overcompensate, and give everything away to prove to the world, my colleagues, and my clients I had “made it” left me feeling empty, powerless, lonely, and sad—and constantly pining for an escape.  

My intuition WAS calling out to me.

I was in a constant state of guilt for doing things that I KNEW were not good for me…

But I ignored it. 

Because even though I was EXHAUSTED, I didn’t know any other way. 


Learn to deeply trust all the parts of you,

forever change your story about worthiness & enoughness,

create safe, fun relationships based on trust,

and feel FREEDOM to make your big ideas real.


This 16-week program is how I created a new way of life.

Your invitation continues.

What if in 16 weeks you could…

  • Feel a deep sense of safety in your body that fills you with confidence 

  • Powerfully communicate your boundaries—plus hold them without guilt

  • Move easefully through your purposeful work each day

  • Notice when you are checking out or dissociating from life & interrupt the pattern

  • Receive compliments with a thank you and a sense of feeling seen, heard, and felt

  • Complete projects on your list and celebrate yourself with like-minded friends 

  • Feel grounded and brave in your communication and open to all of the outcomes

  • Get CLEAR and unwavering on what you need and desire

  • No longer wait for someone to save you

  • Trust the people in your life, truly believing they are sovereign in their choices with the ability to take care of themselves 

  • Give yourself all the self-care that you need to fully show up for your big ideas, mission, and on-purpose life

  • Relax in the knowledge that you are worthy and ENOUGH just the way you ARE—not because you’re productive 


What you will receive:

Intention-setting pre-work to help guide your body & mind into the safety of playing full out in your power and giving space for your desire to grow.
8 live calls with Q&As and live group experiences, including coaching, witnessing, and celebrating together. Each group will open with intentions and close with a plan to make what we learned a way of life.
4 months of FREE access to the exclusive, private community and app ‘School of Regulation’. This includes content, guided support, my genius, and connection in smaller pods. 
Over 15+ hours of pre-recorded lectures that include videos, slides, and coaching to support you not only in learning new concepts, but in understanding the content deeply in your body/mind connection, so you can actually make it a way of life.
Meditations, practices, and workbooks to guide you through any fears, blockages, or obstacles that try to stop you from creating the life you desire.
Bonus special guests based on what is alive in the group to best support you relationally, in your business, and in your regulation.
Practical action steps to make your new way of life—one of ease, freedom, and the true healing you’ve been desiring–a REALITY.

The Investment

Join now to start connecting with a community of coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers committed to creating big things in the world—all while feeling regulated and authentic. 


Payment Plan


Three installments

You get: 

  • 15 hours of lectures, 
  • 8 live workshops + Q&As, 
  • 2 bonus calls
  • Private community off social media
  • Connection pods

Pay in Full


One time payment

You get: 

  • 15 hours of lectures, 
  • 8 live workshops + Q&As, 
  • 2 bonus calls
  • Private community off social media
  • Connection pods

BONUS: 9 months of the private community (value $199.99)


Platinum Package


Paid in full

You get everything, plus: 

  • 4 additional private Platinum group calls with Amy (one each month)
  • Private community for business & relationship support

Application only: max 9 people 


Here's the breakdown 


What clients are saying


Hi ya’ll, I’m Amy Guerrero.

From a twin-sized bed in a treatment center in Northern California, I remembered why I chose yoga, breathwork, and bone broth, and why I studied language, communication, relationships, and the anatomy of how trauma lived in my body. 

Although it was a messy 2 years, I was FULLY committed to getting to the ROOT of my pain and to healing my nervous system.

I did and continue to do all the practices that give me the freedom to show up fully, vulnerably, and authentically in my business and relationships.

My commitment to my growth has led me deeper into my core essence, learning to love the softness, chaos, and desires of my feminine, while maturing my inner masculine into the rock that holds my structures, my success, and my money with integrity.